DaoSwap —— the world's first DAO community
securities issuance (STO) platform

DaoSwap is a decentralized STO exchange based on the TRON chain.

Daoswap has a complete cross-chain exchange and trading

protocol and will release multichain support such as BSC,

Polygon, and ETH in the future.

DaoSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) that integrates the innovative STO issuance model of the DAO community, making it more in line with community building and user experience. It is designed to be the most popular DEX trading platform built on TRON.
You can earn by staking the corresponding LP tokens. In addition, Farms supports users to earn DAO tokens while staking LP tokens on DaoSwap.
Fund raising
All chain ecological projects supported by DaoSwap can raise funds in the form of IFO.
LP Token
Users can get tokens of new projects by adding LP exchange.
After finishing
The tokens not acquired on IFO will be destroyed, and the corresponding black hole address will be published on the chain.
DaoSwap decentralized application STO
All audited targets can be issued by DaoSwap for securitization tokens, and smart contracts will be developed by the DaoSwap developer community, which will be audited by a world-renowned third-party auditing agency before listing. Users can learn about the listed target and financial situation through the DaoSwap interactive interface. The process of creating securitized tokens is free and democratic, and voting rights in DAO governance belong to all DAO token holders.
NFT (NFT Cross-Chain Bridge)
A permissionless cross-chain bridge applicable to all NFTs can connect to the NFT marketplaces of different chains through specific interfaces to meet the diverse needs of users in the DAO community.
Audit Completed
Daoswap has completed the certik security audit
DAO makes our world go round.
DAO token is at the heart of the Daoswapecosystem. Buy it, win it, farm it, spend it, stake it… heck, you can even vote with it!

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Security Token Offering Swap

DAO Token
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